Meditations! Back On the Primal Cause

memories is certainly a sense of an experience. believe it or not, we find the whole experience, bad or good. all the memories that should not be forgotten tuk.

although sometimes we also feel. that all this is not important to remember over and over again. to even penetrate the spinal entrenched. if we pull the fibers that, we will see the rest - the rest of the former scraped it. Also sometimes, the roots that grow in the seed planting manyisa on parts of the land.

memories we can not interpret as something in the past. passed.
but rather as something that is inappropriate for the forgotten. especially the hurtful things.

because this life will not be happy and free from sorrow.
and there was some resistance words like night and day
sun and moon. even many laiinnya which you can specify its own existence.

ALL return to Him.
by Him, we are there. So not even to him
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