Desi Nur Fitriyah in Winner Action

My name is Desy Nur Fitriyah. I was the first child of the father and mother who very fond of me. I was two sisters. My sister was a student at the elementary school. So, the total of my family are four people. My Father as a head of the family. My Mother as a housewife. Me and my sister as their devoted daughters.

Many people admit that I was a pretty active child in learning. My everyday learning is reading a textbook. Perhaps among my friends, often learned lessons to prepare for tomorrow. But often I prepare my lesson hours away from my face lessons. Because I am aware, there is still a hobby that I enjoy doing behind.

My hobby is chess. This chess hobby stems from my father often play. Dad used to play chess with his friends, neighbors and even relatives. Until one day. I as a little girl, I understand the schedule of my father chess playing with his opponent. He would often start the game proper finished praying Isya'. While waiting for the night and see the football begin. My dad used to play chess and beat his opponents.

After I grew up, I was curious about the hobby father who later became my hobby too. I saw every game of my father; from the pawn till the king of chess walk I understand the steps. Only with seeing every day, I understand every step of chess pieces on a board that is black and white.

Desy is a small primary school gradually ventured to invite the father to play. Step by step chess run, but my pawn steps still often wrong and justified by my beloved father. Often in a game of chess, I often defeated by the father. Although I have understood every step of chess walking, of course my father is a reliable performer among his opponents.

Not wanting to be defeated so easily by the father. I ventured out to better understand this interesting chess game. Capitalize with accompanying my father playing chess in every night. I finally understand little by little chess game that eventually became my hobby. It turns out that not only understands how to run a chess pawn. But also to understand how we defend and attack the opponent and occasionally understand how to play against. This is how I can win the match.

I entered junior high school. One day, I entered the village of village-level chess competitions. A Gifts were pretty interesting that the fan. Of course this is my own spirit to follow the race and won chess competitions, prize in hand. But strangely, in this chess event dedicated to the public and not limited lifespan. Of course I was quite shocked when I heard. But with my big resolving that I was carrying, I can finally go beyond chess game as a winner.

Starting from these experiences of playing, my father bring me into one of the chess club in Surabaya. Until now, I have gained experience of playing from the basic or local level until the international level. Starting from the curious and do not stop learning. I get a variety of life experiences from my hobby. Also already I have won many trophies from local and international chess competitions. Thanks dad, I discovered a hobby which brings me to be the one of the most formidable young chess players in Indonesia. Thank you Dad, you helped me find my hobby. You also formed me as an Indonesian young chess player and simultaneously make me the toughest around others.
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